Print Décor – Glenferrie Road Malvern

Print Décor

Bernie and Lynne Lowenstein

Print Décor is a Glenferrie Road institution with Lynne and Bernie Lowenstein maintaining a passionate interest in walls that talk.

“We specialise in artwork, mirrors and customised framing,” says Lynne who, with Bernie, has been based in the same spot for 30 years.

Carefully selected artists are represented in the shop with Archibald Prize winner, Adam Cullen, being a hot favourite. “People who have stayed at the nearby Cullen Hotel often seek us out so they can take a Cullen home with them. We have an Australia-wide exclusive on certain images from his Ned Kelly series.”

People who have a love of aesthetics are drawn to the shop, tapping into Lynne’s carefully chosen pieces. They will always find a beautiful painting, a magnificently framed mirror or a fine print to admire.

“I simply love artwork so when a customer comes in and picks something, I just get such a kick out of it. I also really enjoy helping a person find the perfect mirror for a particular room in their home.”

Every now and again, the couple will be humbled by the opportunity to frame a real Picasso or a Matisse. They’ve framed a knighthood certificate, a wedding dress and a wide range of exquisite artworks. “We’ve even framed an entire ceremonial Indian headdress and in a separate frame, the rest of the outfit.”

One framing job attracted a lot of attention while hanging in the shop waiting to be collected. A lot of debate took place as visitors discussed the ethics of the ban on golliwog dolls found within the pages of an Enid Blyton book.

Lynne travels to find original artwork and keeps in touch with local artists. “I follow my instinct a lot and keep a close eye on design sites and interior design shows. I also pick up on trends by listening to specific requests from customers. They will come in and ask for something quite specific and I’ll recognise a trend emerging.” While tapping into the Adam Cullen demand was spot-on, Lynne winces at the memory of a great idea that flopped after photos of the Northern Lights framed in rainbow Perspex bombed. “They are sitting out the back, thoroughly unloved,” she laughs.

Looking to future trends, Lynne predicts arty architectural images are on their way from the US, featuring oblique shots of the built environments in muted colours of greys and blues.

"I really enjoy helping a person find the perfect mirror for a particular room in their home."