Ani Jewellers — Glenferrie Road Malvern

Ani Jewellers


Ani Jewellery has been a sparkling treasure in Malvern since 1994. Gary and his family have been in the jewellery business since 1981, watching trends come and go and helping their discerning Malvern clients choose impromptu presents and life-long gifts for others (and themselves!).

Gary loves the strip and appreciates the spirit: “It has a very family orientated feeling to it. Everyone knows each other and the locals always show great support for local businesses,” he says.

Beyond the magnifier, his finely-honed skills extend to his knowledge of Malvern clients’ jewellery dreams. There is always a display of beautiful solid handmade gold bangles, Italian hoop earrings, and diamond studs.

He also creates custom-made rings, meeting the aspirations of soon-to-be fiancés, those who wish to celebrate decades together or customers with their own unique reason to mark an event. Gary relishes his role in helping to honour milestones in people’s lives with stones of a different kind. “Seeing a third-generation customer come into the store is really lovely,” he says.

As well as designing from scratch, Gary specialises in modifying an old piece of jewellery, designing with a customer to create something new and modern.

While most clients request traditional solutions to their adornment aspirations, one client recently asked him to solder a gold anklet onto her ankle, “while she was wearing it!”.

Jewellery, as other fashions, have fads that come and go. “Our clientele feedback is the best way to keep up with the trends. They always keep us informed on what they like and what’s new out there. Google always helps out as well.”

Gary has some essential advice for those striving for a toned bod. “Don’t do weights while wearing your rings.”

As well, he recommends rings to be checked every year for loose stones or broken claws.

"Seeing a third-generation customer come into the store is really lovely"