Anaka — Glenferrie Road Malvern



Looking for one of the hottest hair salons in Melbourne? Anaka at 90 Glenferrie Road Malvern is not only a nurturing sanctuary but a hub for all things creative and motivational. Advice on yoga? Natural oils? Healthy food or makeup trends? This is the place. But back to the main focus: hair; gorgeous, shiny, healthy hair.

Personal attention is the driving force for Anna and her team. They want every customer to feel empowered when they arrive and confident and creative when they leave.

In a spectacular achievement, the salon was voted The Urban List’s “Best Blondes in Melbourne” in 2014 for its renowned colour work.

According to, Anna, the salon is a creative hub for both customers and for those who work there. “Most importantly, we love people and all we want is to make them feel their true authentic selves,” Anna says. “We’re all about family and friends so when you enter our door, we hope you feel like you’re home.”

Extending on the theme of family, Anna and her team love the energy of Glenferrie Road and the sense of belonging. “Local businesses are happy to promote and support each other and there is such a great selection in the area from homewares, crafts and travel to beauty.”

Customers come from Malvern as well as Mornington, Epping and Sorrento to ensure Melbourne’s best colourists apply the dye. “So if you need some great advice on how to maintain a colour or to get a great fashion look, we are the go-to place.”

Anna’s philosophy influences the whole team. “Making people feel good about themselves is beyond the aesthetic. We really are here to make people feel their best which, in turn, makes them look their best.”

But there is one recurring request that tests this patient and generous soul. “People come in with images from the eighties. Please! No!”

While haircuts from 30 years ago might take some time to return to fashion, the team is onto the current trends thanks to overseas study and careful curation of social media.

Anna has two pieces of advice: Firstly, her team can help choose a style that suits your personality and secondly, they can recommend products that will enhance a look. “Products really can transform your hair and there are some amazing products for hair loss.”

Finally, Anna’s favourite quote comes from the actress Joan Crawford:

“I think the most important thing a woman can have – next to talent, of course – is their hairdresser.”

"We’re all about family and friends so when you enter our door, we hope you feel like you’re home."