Saffar’s Fine Rug Collection – Glenferrie Road Malvern

Saffar’s Fine Rug Collection


As times have changed, so too has a Malvern institution, Saffar’s Fine Rug Collection. Since 1970, this institution has offered superb traditional, handmade Persian rugs and kilims.

These days, the offerings have diversified to cater to changing demands and the availability of a wider range of carpets. Saffar’s specialises in traditional as well as modern handmade rugs. And now, as well as beautiful Melbourne homes, they also decorate offices and retail spaces all over Australia.

This rug store is firmly entrenched in the Malvern precinct. They are great fans of Glenferrie Road, welcoming its diversity and the warmth they receive from locals. “People come from all over Melbourne, from different age groups, nationalities and religions. They come from far and wide to visit.”

Colours, styles and sizes of rugs offer a superb choice. The store is spacious and peaceful – perfect for a thoughtful approach to choosing a precious heirloom. The staff enjoy hearing the trams shuttle in and out of the depot next door as they pull rugs from piles to be inspected. Time seems to stand still despite the bustle outside the store.

Inevitably, the calm and thoughtful approach of the managers encourages the customer to make a considered choice. Long term friendships are often established and interiors shine as a result.

Few customers would realise the firm connections established many years ago with trusted traders and suppliers all over the world. “We regularly meet our colleagues and discuss new trends including patterns, colours, sizes and compositions.”

At the moment, neutral tones with greys and whites are hot. These rugs allow rooms to showcase colourful furniture and bright paintings. They also provide a serene palette when a client wants to create a restful space with cream cushions and earth-toned furnishings, complemented with indoor plants.

As to the most unusual request? “Are any of these flying carpets?”. We think the only way to find out would be to choose very carefully.

"The store is spacious and peaceful – perfect for a thoughtful approach to choosing a precious heirloom."