Illy’s Cakes — Glenferrie Road Malvern

Illy’s Cakes


Illy’s Cakes is a patisserie just off Glenferrie Road at 99 Station Street, Malvern. Here you’ll find a huge range of cakes, desserts and slices baked on the premises by an experienced team of pastry chefs from all over the world.

So why Malvern? According to the team, Malvern has an established reputation for products that are creative, of great quality and reliably produced. For 20 years, Illy’s staff have enjoyed their role, contributing to the dynamic and gourmet-driven reputation of the Malvern precinct. As well as their local customers, Illy’s chefs supply to hotels, cafes and restaurants from the Mornington Peninsula, to Geelong, Healesville and all over Melbourne.

Caryn, who manages Illy’s, has her very own favourite when pressed to choose. “So hard to say, but I guess it would be the flourless chocolate cake which is gluten free, but I also love mouse cakes, rainbow sponge and chocolate fudge brownies.”

She appreciates the “lovely, friendly customers and the great complimentary calls from satisfied shoppers after buying our gourmet cakes”.

Never resting on their laurels, the sales team regularly meet with the pastry chefs to constantly update and improve the range. They have finely honed their scheduling and are experts at meeting orders, producing fabulous cakes within 48 hours. “I’d really recommend you order in advance so we can meet your specific requirements,” Caryn says.

Illy’s is a great choice for those feeding guests at the Spring Racing Carnival, the Australian Open, the Australian Grand Prix, birthdays and Christmas functions.

The Illy website showcases the cakes, tray slices, puddings, single-serve cakes, flans and tarts in a clear and enticing display. For example, the famous lemon tart is surrounded by a lemon, lime and pear flan, a chocolate tart, a magnificent lemon meringue tart and the outrageously decadent Bailey’s cheesecake. Choices are almost impossible to make.

Customers can visit the store between 8am and 5pm on Monday to Friday and 8am to 12.30pm on Saturday. Orders can also be made online by visiting where you can make special requests including, of course, personalised messages on birthday cakes.

"A huge range of cakes, desserts and slices baked on the premises."